Showing your people you care has been proven time an time again to increase happiness, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity. It's madness not to!

Everyone loves to feel appreciated, especially in the workplace and as a result of their efforts. Recognition for your staff shows them their work is valued, makes them feel good and will actually positively benefit your business in the process.

6 Huge Benefits of Employee Recognition

Increased Job Satisfaction

When you recognise the effort of your employee’s you demonstrate to them that their contribution to the business is valuable. They will feel like they are making a difference because you are sending the message that their hard work is worthy of reward and important. When people feel they make a difference, they enjoy their work more.

Increased Happiness

When people are happier and fulfilled in their work, they are more motivated to take pride in what they do. They feel more positively towards the company and trickles down to your customers too. When organisations treat their staff with respect and demonstrate their gratitude, they increase happiness and reduce absenteeism.

Increased Productivity

It is wildly accepted that an engaged member of staff will be significantly more productive than one who feels disengaged.  Not only will output improve but so will efficiency and quality too. It makes sense that your team will work harder to receive recognition if that is the environment you have created.

Increased Loyalty

When employees are engaged with your business, they become much better ambassadors of your brand, both internally and when customer facing. Rewarding hard work generates loyalty and helps your people to feel emotionally connected with your organisation.

Increased Retention

High staff turnover definitely leads to poor morale which in turn can make others want to explore their options elsewhere. Recruiting new staff and training them is expensive and time consuming so it really is in the businesses best interests to improve staff retention. Rewarding your staff is one more reason to stay where they feel appreciated.

Overall Improvement to Team Culture

All of the benefits above have the cumulative effect of improving your company culture. Who doesn’t want to work with other happy, motivated people? Rewards encourage team spirit, they contribute to a positive team spirit where everyone is valued and respected. This in turn makes you a more desirable place to work for new prospective staff.

How should you provide recognition?

By far the most efficient way to provide a staff incentive scheme is through an online reward platform like ours.  Not only do you get all of the benefits listed above, but it is easy to access, allowing the entire business to engage with it. Our platform is inexpensive to implement and straightforward to use, making it easy to reward your people, ensuring high performance gets recognised.

With over 1,000 different retailers, restaurants, travel and activities for your team to choose from. We've got everything covered.

The average savings from cashback and discounts across the rewards platform is over £400 annually – but this increases with a major purchase or a higher average spend. Best of all is that the savings are all on the things your staff already buy.

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